6 Powerful Cannabis Packaging and Branding Trends That Will Sell More Product

As cannabis legalization expands, the world of cannabis packaging and branding changes in both form and function. Whether you are a grower-producer or a retail-only business, making strategic cannabis packaging decisions is as critical to your long-term success as is the quality of your product. 6 powerful cannabis packaging and branding trends that can boost your sale.

Your packaging allows you to connect with your customers and differentiate your brand from the sea of sameness.

The packaging is more than a product vehicle. It is the first impression you make with your consumers. Creative packaging tells your story, connecting you to your customer, and building a relationship that can extend well beyond the initial purchase. High-quality packaging also reinforces their purchasing decision every time they use your product.

Top 6 cannabis packaging and branding trends

cannabis packaging and branding trends

Luckily, the industry has some influential trends to guide you and make this vital task a lot easier. In this post, we’ll review six cannabis packaging and branding trends that help you sell more products.

Sustainable Packaging

 One of the most significant trends in cannabis packaging is a shift towards more sustainable packaging. Targeting millennial and Gen-Z markets almost require this shift as we head into 2020 and beyond.

These younger consumers aren’t the only catalysts. Nearly 73% of consumers report they would change purchasing decisions to diminish environmental impact.

As legalization grows across North America, the cannabis industry has risen, adding a new packaging waste source.

recycled ocean plastic

Over the next few years, hemp papers and recycled ocean plastic will become more accessible and minimize environmental impact.

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic are at the forefront of many innovation labs across all industries. This shift towards a more ecologically sustainable future for cannabis packaging companies has already begun.

The industry is already moving towards more sustainable packaging options. Glass and reusable bags are the first steps and major ones that all premier packaging companies offer in their lineup.

Beyond new materials, many cannabis packaging companies seek to eliminate unnecessary packaging, decrease storage materials, and reduce the shipping carbon footprint. Every little change helps.

Ultimately, the consumer dictates this shift in the market. When purchases follow a track towards pesticide-free products and eco-friendly packaging, the availability and cost will become more accessible.

Sophisticated Design

With the rise of the legal, medical marijuana industry, an older consumer is prevalent on the scene and makes buying choices with their preferences.

These consumers want a clean, sophisticated looking product, packaged in a bag that clearly labels what is inside and how it is used. Simple designs and vibrant colors always draw this consumer’s eye.

This refined, premium look creates a less intimidating buying experience for novice consumers while looking sophisticated enough to attract an experienced user.

Retro-Futurism Design

On the other end of the spectrum, neon colors and gradients are commonplace on cannabis packaging. Experts believe this won’t change any time soon.

In fact, as with other design mediums predicted for years to come, a shift towards retro-futurism on cannabis packaging is expected.

This design approach uses past design trends and combines them with a new design aesthetic. The goal is to invoke feelings of nostalgia with feelings of promise.

These futuristic and retro design elements appeal to a wide variety of consumers. These designs will include neon colors, blocky-slab typeface, and bold gradients. The result?
Unexpected and captivating packaging.

Abstract Design

A third aesthetic expected to take over the shelves in your local dispensary is a push towards abstract and modern design. Abstract art is not a new phenomenon. It remains popular as it lends itself to brands that look at things a little differently.

Blurry color splotches give off an edgy feel. Designs will blur the edges or entire images to create an alluring abstract look. A blurred vision draws consumers towards the package, keeping their eyes on the package as they try to make out its intent.

In essence, this design trend takes the magic eye posters to your shelves.

stealth bag tie die large 5 pack


The simple, clean lines for one subset of consumers will have a spot on the shelves but across the aisle, expect to see some maximalism too. Other consumers want a sense of opulence and richness in their products.  

Designs that emote a feeling of luxury tend to use rich colors, lots of detail and grab your attention upon first glance. As seen on many high-end liquor bottles, these heavy designs create a sense of quality.

Consumers are looking for a high-end experience with their products, and that starts with the packaging. If you want to present a luxury product, work with an experienced, industry-specific, packaging design team to create intricate designs that paint a clear depiction of richness for your consumers.

Regulatory Labeling

Cannabis packaging requirements vary by state. Working with a packaging company that understands each state’s nuances gives you an edge when it comes to staying compliant.

Regulatory labeling needs to be prominent on each package. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t prioritize the efficient use of space when incorporating it into your design.

Packaging that prioritizes clear, regulatory labels alongside plenty of branding space will prevail. Regulatory labels need to work with branding efforts for maximum success.

ez open bags

Another major trend within the regulatory umbrella relates to properly using appropriate medical symbols.

If the product is a medicinal product, it should only contain symbols related to the product and its value. Simultaneously, if the product is recreational, no medical claims can be made on the packaging.

Using medicine symbols like a red cross should only be used appropriately and strategically. Consumers should be able to trust what they see as an accurate representation of the product.

Ez-open child resistant bags can boost up your sale

If it feels like these design trends are on all ends of the spectrum, that is because they are. There is no one persona within the cannabis customer base. Utilize the trends that best communicate your brand and product to your customer for the best results.

The Cannaline Advantage

Cannaline is the world leader in CBD and Marijuana packaging. Work with Cannaline’s expert design team to create eye-catching and memorable branding for your products and accessories. Get in touch today to discuss your cannabis packaging and branding needs.

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