Cannaline's child resistant glass jar for dry herbs, edibles, and concentrates.

Cannabis Just Got Easier to Package With Cannaline’s New C-Class Jars

Glass jars are a fan favorite for curing and preserving cannabis. Glass not only looks beautiful on the shelves, but it boasts major features above and beyond its looks.

Benefits of Glass Cannabis Jars

Glass jars offer various benefits for flower, concentrate, and edibles. Explore some of the critical benefits of glass cannabis jars below.


Glass jars do a superior job of protecting your cannabis than the plastic alternative. Plastic has its place and value, but trichomes thrive in a glass jar without any static charge from plastics to mess with their integrity.

Glass cannabis jars are also air-tight, keeping them smell-proof and maintaining peak freshness. With moisture and oxygen controlled, your flower, edibles, or concentrates are protected.


Glass jars also let your product shine. Clear glass cannabis jars allow your flower or the like to be seen and admired. Black glass jars can block UV rays for added protection while providing a discrete option for those who want it or need to meet opaque regulations.


Glass jars also allow you to easily clean and reuse them. Even with mold from plant resin that sat too long in the jar, a glass cannabis jar can be hand washed or even thrown in the dishwasher.

There’s no doubt that glass jars are a staple for any dispensary shelf or home stash. Our new C-Class jars take packaging to another level.

Cannaline’s C-Class Jars

Our new C-Class jars are shorter and wider than our previous models, making it easier to stack and store them. Your shelves can fit more jars while showcasing your product. This allows you to maximize your product sales without sacrificing a clean, merchandised look. 

This broad glass profile leaves more branding space for your labels or custom printed designs. Additionally, the wider lids provide even more space to tell your consumer about your products at first glance.

Made with high-quality glass, these C-Class jars look sleek on the shelf with a lid that closes cleanly, flush to the glass. The jar base is name-free, which adds another layer of clean, elegant aesthetics. This elevated brand image highlights the quality of products that the dispensary carries and supports your business growth.

Our C-Class jars come in all the essential sizes, from 2oz to 5 oz. You can purchase them in matte black, matte white, and clear jars with lid options in matte or glossy black and matte or glossy white lids. With the opaque white and black options, retailers can meet regulations in all states needed.

Your packaging makes all the difference in maintaining taste, aroma, and freshness. Glass cannabis jars protect your product with airtight quality and keep your product front and center. 

Cannaline’s C-Class Jars For the Win

C-Class glass jars give you a high-end look to showcase your high-end product. Call Cannaline today at 301-356-9096 to get connected with a member of our team and line your shelves with C-Class jars.

About Cannaline

Cannaline has provided innovative cannabis packaging solutions for years. We take pride in our products and have spent years perfecting them. Our staff has extensive industry knowledge that will help make choosing the right packaging option easy for you. Visit our site with more product offerings here.

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