Cannabis Containers: All things Pop Tops

Cannabis Containers: All Things Pop Tops

Child Resistant Pop Top containers are a hot commodity in the cannabis world. Medical and adult-use consumers alike are drawn to the ease of a simple pop of a top to access their fresh herbs.

All things pop tops. All sizes 13 dram, 19 dram, 30 dram, 60 dram. Showing both black pop tops and white pop tops.

Why Are Pop Tops So Common?

To keep your stash quality maintained, you need to keep air out and moisture in. Pop top containers keep your product fresh by maintaining the moisture content, which results in a smoother, less harsh, smoking experience.

Air, and specifically dry air, will have a negative impact on your weed. Your stash can lose its freshness and potency if it dries out Fortunately, pop top containers ensure that contents remain fresh, even while carrying them on the go.

There is more than meets the eye with these simple containers. Check out the following five facts about pop top containers! 

5 Reasons To Use Pop Tops

1) Pop Tops Are Child-Resistant (CR)

Pop top containers don’t just keep your product fresh. These unbreakable containers are equipped with an airtight, attached lid. This keeps them simple to use, while remaining in compliance with state regulations for CR packaging.

Many pop tops are certified child-resistant, keeping your product at its peak with added safety built right in. Pop tops ensure children stay out, but they easy for seniors to open and re-secure.  

2) Pop Tops Are Versatile

Pop Top containers are designed to store both medical and adult-use cannabis. These versatile pieces can hold flower, edibles, and even concentrates. Many people find CR pop tops are the idea storage container for hard candy and other edibles.

Dispensaries can use these containers in many ways, which makes them the perfect buy for any shelf. And storing them is even simpler. The attached lids make these versatile containers a must-have, with no concern about losing the tops or matching them up.

3) Pop Tops Come In All Sizes & Colors

Pop top containers are cylindrical, small vials that can store all sorts of canna-goodness. With various sizes, these containers can store many different styles of the product.

In addition, there is no shortage of color option for pop tops. They are available in clear or opaque hues, depending on your regulations and needs.

4) Pop Tops Are Low Cost

Pop tops are an ideal low-cost packaging option. These rigid containers are incredibly lightweight, resulting in low shipping cost and ease of handling when filled.

Additionally, buying in bulk can save even more money. Storing large volumes of pop tops is possible for most cannabis businesses since they are lightweight, rigid, and have the tops attached.

Considering their low cost and versatility, pop tops offer a great packaging option for most any cannabis product.   

5) Pop Tops Can be Customized

While most pop tops are typically sold plain, people are often surprised to find that they can be customized. High quality suppliers like Cannaline can actually custom print  them for a clean, professional look at a very affordable price. Additionally, they easily accommodate stickers to meet state compliance regulations.  

Custom Black 60 Dram Cannaline Pop Tops

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Pop Tops

While pop tops all look similar, they are not.  First, you need to be sure they are, in fact, certified child-resistant and airtight. Next, determine if you need fully opaque units or transparent ones.  Transparency and opacity levels vary so it’s vitally important to ensure that the pop tops you purchase meet all required state and local regulations. Lastly, assess your run-rate to determine how my units to   order. Shipping is far less, on a per unit basis, when shipping via truck, so ordering larger quantities in fewer shipment is definitely more cost effective. 

Partnering with the right custom packaging supplier is essential. Opt for a reliable packaging supplier that maintains a large stock and can provide you with top quality pop tops. Contact Cannaline today to get started on your packaging project.

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