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What is Croptober?

For most cannabis enthusiasts, October represents more than cool temperatures and the start of fall. It also starts weed harvest season, known as Croptober! This is the time of the year where outdoor farmers from across North America harvest their sun-grown bud and begin to prepare it for the cannabis market to enjoy. What is […]

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Child-Resistant vs Tamper Evident

In the cannabis industry, child-resistant and tamper evident packaging are mandatory for most states. People often assume the terms are the same and use them interchangeably, but they are indeed different. Child-Resistant The Poison Prevention Packaging Act states “A child-resistant package is designed to be significantly difficult for children under five to open or obtain […]

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Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant, taking on a wide range of forms to offer. One such form is a cannabis tincture, a type of cannabis-infused product with a long history that dates back generations. Convenient, user-friendly, and smoke-free, tinctures offer an option that appeals to anyone. What are cannabis tinctures? Usually packaged in glass […]

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What is 710?

Everyone has heard of 420, but it’s not the only holiday stoners get to mark on their calendars. 710, or July 10th, is a holiday that focuses on cannabis concentrates, oils, and dabs.   710 Origins 710’s origins are rather mysterious, even years after the term first appeared. Online sources report the term 710 surfaced on […]

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Concentrates 101

Cannabis concentrates are sweeping the cannabis industry. Concentrates are a hard-hitting treat that has become the go-to cannabis product of so many cannabis lovers. What are concentrates? Cannabis concentrates are the product of distilling down the most desirable parts of the plant. They contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis flowers and none of […]

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Why People Love Edibles

What are edibles?Edibles are foods and beverages infused with cannabis. Though they’ve risen in popularity recently, edibles have been around for years. Thanks to advances in infusion methods, you can find a wide selection of cannabis-infused goods. From baked goods to gummies, to cooking oil and drinks, edibles come in multiple forms and flavors! Though […]

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What is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a strong, unrefined cannabis oil produced using ethanol. Rick Simpson says that a blend of cannabis oil treated his own skin cancer. Since then, he has promoted the benefits of medical marijuana. How was Rick Simpson Oil created? In 2003, Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer after 3 suspicious […]

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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is manufactured from materials that naturally decompose in nature, are environmentally friendly, and do not contribute to additional natural resource depletion. In this day and age, businesses and consumers know that being green is more important now than ever. In today’s oversaturated marketplace, sustainable cannabis packaging can boost your brand and make you […]

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