Our solid glass tincture bottles are heavy duty and  feature a custom designed glass dropper that, depending on content viscosity, dispenses almost exactly 1/20 of an ML/Gram with each drop, providing very accurate dosing.  Droppers are also chemically etched with ML markings that show the amount in the dropper.  All units feature a “push and turn” child-resistant cap (see test results here) that has a built in tamper evident ring to maintain product integrity until opened by the end user.  The tamper evident feature engages automatically when the lid is applied the first time the unit is filled…no need to use shrink bands and labor to apply them.

All stock units are amber, but can be custom ordered in green, blue, clear, opaque black or white, as well as custom foil colors.
Cap and bulb colors are available in an unlimited combination of colors and custom printing is available with low minimum order quantities.  We can also supply custom printed labels, boxes, and blister packaging. Our design team is available to create  truly unique solutions for all your packaging needs.

Glass Tincture Dropper Bottles

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When we tested our first prototypes, we found that high terpene content liquids acted like a solvent that, over a relatively short period of time, dissolved the ink used to mark the graduations on the pipettes. Typical inks, which should never be ingested because they are full of various chemical compounds and heavy metals, work fine with “normal” medicinal liquids, but not high terpene CBD and THC based tinctures. We clearly needed a better solution so we decided not to use any ink, but instead, to chemically etch the markings on our pipettes. Chemical etching turned out to be an ideal solution because it is absolutely impervious to all high terpene content liquids.

Call us at 301-356-9096 for custom orders or to discuss your project.

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