Mission [Green] x Cannaline

Mission [Green] and Cannaline are teaming up to support social justice reform while also making a difference in the lives of those that have been traumatically affected by cannabis prohibition.

About Mission [Green]

The Mission [Green] initiative aims to secure the release of those serving a sentence for cannabis-related offenses, as well as to pave the road for expungement or pardons so that those who have been affected can move forward with their lives. The Mission [Green] campaign is led by people who have been affected by the justice system and have firsthand experience with the issues that their organization is seeking to solve. Those who have been most harmed by the system are particularly positioned to develop and promote ideas that will begin to change it.

We're Not Just A Packaging Company

Why Cannaline supports Mission [Green]

With over a decade of providing marijuana packaging for the cannabis industry, we have seen, and been a part of, the industries rapid growth. Unfortunately, we have also seen some of the pioneers of this industry spend decades in prison for cannabis related crimes.

Cannaline’s goal is to help raise money and awareness to correct these injustices. We have worked with The Weldon Project to create a Mission [Green] Certification. Mission [Green] Certification signals that the packaged cannabis products are produced by companies with a social conscience. Companies can proudly show their support for social justice reform while also making a difference in the lives of those that have been traumatically affected by cannabis prohibition.

3 Ways To Show Your Support

This is your opportunity to help!

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Buy A Mission [Green] T-Shirt!

All profits from T-shirt sales go directly to Mission [Green] to help fight their cause!

Buy The Certification Seal!

Certify your products with the Mission [Green] seal sticker. All profits get donated to Mission Green and their mission!

Mission Green Certification Sticker
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Customize Your Packaging!

Customize your packaging by printing any of our products with the Mission [Green] certification on it. You will donate an extra $0.01 per unit.

Custom Printing the Certification

When you order your custom packaging through us, we can add the Mission Green Certification Seal directly to your products! By simply adding the seal to your designs, you too can join Mission [Green] in their fight for social justice and equality.

The additional cost for certification on your custom printed packaging is only 1 cent per unit!

Mission [Green] Certification

Here's How It Works

Certification Stickers

Just like with printing the certification seal directly on your products, it’s the same for the certification stickers… 1 cent per sticker goes directly to Mission [Green]. It’s an inexpensive way for you and your customers to show their support for this worthy cause.

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100% of the profits get donated to Mission [Green]

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