When we started in 2009, the baggie with a sticker was considered high end packaging…especially if it was a ziplock bag!  Before we offered our first custom mylar bags, we did a lot of research on how to make a compound film cannabis barrier bag that would hold in the smell and moisture content and keep the flower fresh.

Producing a smell proof marijuana bag presents a lot of unique challenges.   One of the major problems is that the terpenes are a VOC, or volatile organic compound.  They naturally want to leave the plant, so a smell proof cannabis bag must have a mixture of films…some for keeping the smell in and others for a nice exterior feel and a food grade interior.  Finally, a custom mylar cannabis storage bag needs a high-quality zipper, which is often the weak link.  While we could have made the cheapest bags available, we instead chose to design our mylar bags as a storage “system” using a proprietary mix of the best films and zippers available and the results speak for themselves.

We are proud of our commitment to quality and only use the finest materials available. You can rest assured that there are no contaminants in the films we use and all Cannaline custom mylar bags conform to FDA protocols for Food Grade Bags and are fully recyclable.

All Cannaline smell proof mylar bags are available custom printed in quantities as low as 1,000 and we can custom configure the sizing at no additional cost.  Call us at 301-356-9096 for samples or for help in choosing the best packaging solution for your needs.

All products are subject to a 15% Tariff Tax at checkout. 

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