Pre-Roll & Syringe Mylar Bags

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  • Pre-Roll Glossy Black/Clear Smell Proof Mylar Bags $0.17

    Our smell-proof Mylar Pre-Roll bags are made with high quality food-grade compound films. They are airtight, and feature a resealable zipper to maintain freshness and lock odors in. 

    Cannaline’s smell-proof Mylar Pre-Roll bags also meet tamper-evident requirements with a tear notch and heat seal area.

    Custom printing options are available with low minimum order quantities.

    Quantity Price per Bag
    50 Bags $0.29 per Bag
    100 Bags $0.22 per Bag
    250 Bags $0.20 per Bag
    500 Bags $0.19 per Bag
    1000 Bags $0.17 per Bag
    2000 Bags $0.16 per Bag
    5000+ Bags $0.15 per Bag
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