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  • Large 90ML Tube Jar for 1/8th Ounce – Wood Single-Fin Lid $1.06

    Cannaline 90ml Tube Jars are an elegant solution for packaging your top shelf 1/8th. We manufacture them from strong, lab-grade borosilicate glass with a custom-designed lid that is air and watertight.

    Pricing (including jar base)

    QuantityPrice per Jar
    200 Jars$1.40 $1.06 per Jar
    400 Jars$1.37 $1.03 per Jar
    600+ Jars$1.34 $1.00 per Jar
    **You can now purchase shrink bands for our Large 90ML Tube Jar for 1/8th (Sold separately). They can be purchased here.
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