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  • Large 90ML Tube Jar for 1/8th Ounce – Wood Single-Fin Lid $1.06

    Cannaline 90ml Tube Jars are an elegant solution for packaging your top shelf 1/8th. We manufacture them from strong, lab-grade borosilicate glass with a custom-designed lid that is air and watertight.

    Pricing (including jar base)

    QuantityPrice per Jar
    200 Jars$1.40 $1.06 per Jar
    400 Jars$1.37 $1.03 per Jar
    600+ Jars$1.34 $1.00 per Jar
    **You can now purchase shrink bands for our Large 90ML Tube Jar for 1/8th (Sold separately). They can be purchased here.
  • Cardboard Pre-Roll Insert for 90ml Tube Jar $0.04

    Looking for premium pre-roll packaging?  We have the answer!  Our custom inserts for Cannaline Tube jars are the perfect way to pack 5 pre-rolls, up to 78mm long, in an attractive airtight borosilicate glass container.  Available now in matte black with purple, green and red coming soon.  We can also supply them in any color and custom print them for you at low minimum order quantities.

    QuantityPrice per Unit
    200 Units$0.07  $0.035 per Unit
    4000 Units$0.07 $0.035 per Unit

    These fit in our 90ml tube jars. The jars can be purchased separately here.

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