All Cannaline glass jars for marijuana, and cannabis concentrates, are manufactured using our proprietary custom molds. Our glass stash jars come in both child resistant and non-CR styles. Cannaline marijuana flower jars feature thicker glass and top-quality lids with a custom configured seal designed for ease of use, while maintaining air-tight integrity. We individually QC them at our facility to ensure that they are clean, and ready to fill, right out of the box.

Everything on our site, including all our jars, can be custom printed with low minimum order quantities. This allows you unlimited opportunities for a custom look at surprisingly affordable prices.  Need jar boxes, or stickers?  We can custom print those, too.

Call us at 301-356-9096 for samples or help with choosing the best stock or custom packaging solution for your needs.

All products are subject to a 15% Tariff Tax at checkout. 

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