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  • Clam Shell Blister Packaging for USB Charger and 90mm Battery $0.11

    Cannaline clamshell blister packaging is the perfect way to display any standard vape cartridge. They are crystal clear and about 20% thicker than competitive units. Because of this, our blisters do not work with heat crimpers.

    QuantityPrice per Blister
    1,000 Blisters$0.22 $0.11 per Blister
    2,000 Blisters$0.21 $0.105 per Blister
    5,000 Blisters$0.20 $0.10 per Blister
    10,000 Blisters$0.19 $0.095 per Blister
    20,000 + Blisters$0.18 $0.09 per Blister


  • Yocan Uni Atomizer Battery $19.99

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our batteries are not suitable for consumption of
    aerosolized e-liquids containing nicotine, as defined by the Tobacco
    Control Act and accompanying FDA regulations. They are designed for use
    with cartridges that are only appropriate for thicker oils and
    concentrates. As such, we do not condone or advise the use of our
    batteries for use with any cartridges containing e-liquids.

    Color options include: Black, Silver, Blue/Silver, Black/Silver, Red/Silver, Matte Gold.
    QuantityPrice per Unit
    1 Unit$24.99 per Unit
    10 Units$22.49 per Unit
    50 Units$21.24 per Unit
    100 Units$19.99 per Unit
    Color options include: Camo, Rasta & Rainbow.
    QuantityPrice per Unit
    1 Unit$25.99 per Unit
    10 Units$23.39 per Unit
    50 Units$22.09 per Unit
    100 Units$20.79 per Unit


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