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  • Clam Shell Blister Packaging for USB Charger and 90mm Battery $0.11

    Cannaline clamshell blister packaging is the perfect way to display any standard vape cartridge. They are crystal clear and about 20% thicker than competitive units. Because of this, our blisters do not work with heat crimpers.

    QuantityPrice per Blister
    1,000 Blisters$0.22 $0.11 per Blister
    2,000 Blisters$0.21 $0.105 per Blister
    5,000 Blisters$0.20 $0.10 per Blister
    10,000 Blisters$0.19 $0.095 per Blister
    20,000 + Blisters$0.18 $0.09 per Blister


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