1/2 Gram (84mm) Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones – Green Hemp Wrap [900 per Box]

QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Cone
1-9 Boxes$252.00$0.28
10-24 Boxes$225.00$0.25
25-49 Boxes$198.00$0.22
50-99 Boxes$180.00$0.20
100+ Boxes$171.00$0.19


If you order less than full case qty, you can only pick one box size of the same sku


Our Premium Green Half Gram Blunt Cones offer a richer and fuller smoking experience compared to the traditional paper pre-rolled cones. Made with all-natural premium hemp wrap, our blunt cones do not have any additives or artificial flavoring. The difference between our standard hemp wrap and the premium green hemp wrap is the point in which the hemp is harvested. In order to make our premium green hemp wrap, the hemp is harvested earlier to ensure a rich green color – no dyes or artificial colors used at all!  Our blunt cones are totally free of THC and Tobacco making them sellable through licensed dispensaries and stores. Our premium hemp wraps are made in Europe under EU regulations making them the highest quality blunt cones available to processors and manufacturers. Full, rich, and made from all-natural hemp, these pre-rolled premium hemp blunt cones are the best way for you to expand your pre-roll line and attract new customers.

PRICE PER BLUNT CONE: As Low As 19 Cents per Cone!
BOX SIZE: 900 Cones per Box
PAPER TYPE: Premium Hemp Wrap
LENGTH: 84mm
FILTER: 26mm Crutch
BEST FOR: These blunt are made with hemp wrap and for processors/manufacturers looking to offer a blunt style smoking experience to their customers.
FEATURES: Blunt cones offer a fuller and richer smoking experience by creating a greater mouthful of smoke. Our hemp Wrap cone produces a rich and sweet smoke while still allowing your flower to fully express itself.
CERTIFICATIONS: Our Hemp Wrap is produced under EU regulations, meaning that the hemp wrap is made from high-quality European hemp as well as following strict quality standards.

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