60 Dram Child Resistant Pop Top – Clear

60 Dram White Cannaline Pop Tops are now available. The pop tops are white with a CR lid. Custom colors are available upon custom request. Call us at 301-356-9096.

QuantityPrice per Tube
75 Tubes$0.31 per Tube
4950 Tubes$0.30 per Tube
10,050 Tubes$0.28 per Tube
20,025 Tubes$0.27 per Tube
50,000+ TubesCALL US!

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Pop Tops for cannabis keep your stash fresh. Our 60 dram pop tops are a cost-effective, child-resistant solution for flower, concentrates, or edibles.  

Made from recyclable food-grade polypropylene, they are sustainable packaging and BPA-free. They are available by special order in a wide variety of translucent or opaque colors, and can be custom printed with manageable minimum order quantities.

Have questions, need FREE samples or help designing custom printed pop tops? Call us at 301-356-9096.

Diameter: 1.85″/47.5mm
Height: 5.30″/134.5mm



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