Cannaline Long Pre-Roll Tubes W/ Point of Sale Display


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Cannaline’s smellproof, waterproof, pretty much everything proof, 109mm pre-roll tubes are now available in a point of sale (POS) package perfect the impulse buy at your check-out area. They are fully opaque, strong and discreet, and make the perfect carryall for un-smoked or partially smoked pre-rolls. Each POS display contains 25 tubes and a full box contains 4 POS units.

Buy 100 tubes (4 POS)   @ .45 each
Buy 1200 tubes (48 POS) @ .20 per tube
Buy 2400 tubes (96 POS) @ .19 per tube
Buy 3600 tubes (144 POS) or more @ .18 per tube

Interested in custom colors and/or custom printed tubes?  Contact us at 301-356-9096 for a custom quote.

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100 tubes, 200 tubes, 1200 tubes

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