Re-sealable Child Resistant Bags for 1oz with child resistant clip

$210.00 Per Case




Our compound film bags are ideal for maintaining freshness of edibles or flower, our CR bags are efficient, cost effective, and require less processing time than other CR packaging options. Processing is easy since the clip is attached after the bag is filled, and the built-in tamper evident feature eliminates the need for time consuming heat sealing. The clip can be easily removed if CR functionality isn’t required…perfect for seniors that often struggle with any type of CR packaging!

Unlike other CR bags, the opening instructions are molded into the clip, eliminating the need to use valuable space for printed instructions.

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Cannaline Re-sealable Child Resistant bags for 1 ounce with Included Child Resistant CannaClip.   Tested and approved under CFR Title 16, Part 1700, 1700.15 and 1700.20.   Full test report available on request.  CannaClip Installation Instructions

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Re-sealable Child Resistant and tamper evident bags for 1 Oz

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Capacity 1 Oz
Box Size Full case of 500
Dimensions Total dimensions: 6.375″ length x 9.625″ height.

Interior (under zipper) Dimensions: 5.375″ length x 7.25″ height

Gusset: 2.75″

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Matte White / Clear front with foil interior, Matte black / Clear front with foil interior, Solid matte white with foil interior, Solid matte black with foil interior