Let’s face it, the dirty little secret of the vape industry is that many low cost battery operated portable “vaporizers” actually rely on combustion rather that vaporization.  Table-top vapes work much better and actually vaporize rather than combust.  It’s easy to tell since combustion leaves grey ash and vaporization leaves a golden color residue that look just like the smoking material, but with a different color.  If you are having problems with inhaling harsh smoke, a table-top vaporizer is the answer to your prayers.

We made a special purchase on these high quality digital vapes that have the same circuitry as larger, more expensive units, and are passing the savings on to you.  They are small and compact, but heat quickly and precisely to the exact temperature you choose on the digital read-out.  Once you have found your perfect temperature, it’s easy to replicate with precision.  They come with a glass-tipped whip that’s easy to remove, fill and clean.  Quantities are limited on this special purchase!  If you are interested in 10 or more, call us at 301-356-9096 for special pricing.

$39.95 with free shipping.

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Black, Grey, Mahogany Color Finish


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