Green Tip Pre-Rolled Cones [800/900 Cones per Box]

QuantityPrice per Box 109mm & 98mmPrice per Box 84mmPrice per Cone
1 – 5 Boxes$85.99 per Box$96.74 per Box$0.107 per Cone
6 – 11 Boxes$82.99 per Box$93.36 per Box$0.103 per Cone
12 – 23 Boxes$76.99 per Box$86.61 per Box$0.096 per Cone
24 – 47 Boxes$72.99 per Box$82.11 per Box$0.091 per Cone
48 – 95 Boxes$67.99 per Box$76.49 per Box$0.084 per Cone
96+ Boxes$62.99 per Box$70.86 per Box$0.078 per Cone
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We are proud to introduce our new designer color tipped cones! These designer cones can come in a variety of sizes (84mm, 98mm, 109mm etc.) and are a great option for those looking to expand their pre-roll multi-packs! These new green tipped cone with unrefined brown and refined white paper are perfect for those in the pre-roll market looking to create amazing multi-strain pre-roll packs or just add an extra pop of color to your pre-rolls. Since you don’t have to get these custom printed, you are able to easily purchase a certain color to represent a specific strain in your multi-packs. Customers will be able to identify their strains on any shelf and your best sellers will fly off the shelves! The best of all it comes at a fraction of the cost for custom branded cones!

PRICE PER CONE: As Low As 6.6 Cents per Cone!
PAPER TYPE: Refined White & Unrefined Brown
SIZES: 84/26mm, 98/26mm, & 109/26mm sizes available!
FEATURES: Green Filter Tip
PERFECT FOR: Multi-Strain Packs

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