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They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. When it comes to packaging, people are judging. In today’s competitive cannabis market, your packaging needs to meet regulations and boast a look that customers have to have.

With the intensely competitive nature of the cannabis and CBD industry, it’s vital your packaging supports five major elements:

  • Product freshness
  • Tamper-proof security
  • Senior-friendly access
  • Child-resistant certification
  • Economical customization options

Enter Cannaline’s EZ-Open bags. These reusable, child-resistant bags (CR) are simple to open, senior-friendly, and cost-effective. EZ-Open bags, check all the boxes.

Child-Resistant Bags Worthy of Your Product

child-resistant bags

Freshness: Today’s consumer expects fresh products with an extended shelf life. Filled with flower or edibles, EZ-Open child-resistant bags preserve the freshness of your product, maintaining your product, brand value, and your bottom line.

Tamper-Proof: EZ-Open bags offer tamper-proof security that keeps your product and your customers safe. Secure the heat-sealable top with a tamper-evident tear strip, leaving a reusable child-resistant closure. Rest assured, your product will leave your store in perfect condition.

Senior-Friendly: Senior cannabis consumers struggle with mainstream child-resistant bags. Many suffer from joint pain, stiffness, and dexterity, making a complicated task out of most packaging. Confidently sell to more seniors with EZ-Open bags explicitly designed to keep access simple while still keeping children safe.

Child-Resistant: EZ-Open bags boast senior-friendly access with a certified child-resistant zipper. Unlike other CR bags on the market, EZ-Open bags have simple, one-sentence opening directions printed inside the bag. The child-resistant closure can be easily managed by adults and meets all safety requirements.

Customization: Keeping the opening directions inside the bag also frees up valuable branding space.
Work with the in-house design team to customize your bags and create a look as unique as the product inside of it.

Elevate your brand with high-quality, custom printed packaging that promotes your brand with every purchase. What’s more, Cannaline can custom design and print your bags with low minimum order quantities, making it more straightforward for you to grow your brand awareness and sell more products.

● Low minimums (as low as 2000 units)
● Industry-leading pricing
● Kraft Paper option is available upon custom request.
● Fully customizable

Cannaline’s EZ-Open Bags Have You Covered

Takes the guesswork out of your packaging needs and show off your high-quality flower or edibles with Cannaline’s EZ-Open bags.

About Cannaline

Cannaline has provided innovative cannabis packaging solutions for years. We take pride in our products and have spent years perfecting them. Our staff has extensive industry knowledge that will help make choosing the right packaging option easy for you. Visit our site with more product offerings here.

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