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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is manufactured from materials that naturally decompose in nature, are environmentally friendly, and do not contribute to additional natural resource depletion. In this day and age, businesses and consumers know that being green is more important now than ever. In today’s oversaturated marketplace, sustainable cannabis packaging can boost your brand and make you stand out.

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Sustainable packaging is sweeping the cannabis industry, raising awareness of the dangers presented by the overuse of non-recyclable packaging among businesses and customers alike. Making the transition to sustainable packaging can get pricey, but the payoff is worthwhile. Consumers in today’s environmentally conscious culture put their money where their hearts are.

There are a ton of options on the market for packaging, but only a few are eco-friendly. Here’s a breakdown of what to look for when picking out your sustainable packaging.

Compostable/Biodegradable bags:

Compostable/Biodegradable Smell Proof bags are one of the best eco-friendly options on the market. They have all the benefits of your typical Mylar Bag, but without all the negative effects they have on the environment. When you are looking for biodegradable smell proof bags for your business, make sure they are 100% free of any heavy metals, and that the materials used to construct the bag allow it to fully degrade in 2 years or less. You will also want to be conscious of what happens after they have been thrown away. When properly disposed of, typical compostable/biodegradable bags do not release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, nor do they produce toxic residues that seep into the ground.

Recyclable bags:

Unlike mylar bags that are made with a metal film, most recyclable bags are constructed of 100% LDPE making the entire bag, including the zipper, fully recyclable. When properly disposed of, recyclable bags do not release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, nor do they produce toxic residues that seep into the ground.

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Glass containers:

Glass containers will always be sustainable as they can be reused indefinitely. Glass is 100% recyclable, which means that most glass packaging should never wind up in a landfill. Unlike plastic and paper, glass never loses its quality. If your cannabis is packaged in a glass, your customers can wash and reuse it repeatedly. There are many options for glass flower jars, glass concentrate containers, and glass pre-roll tubes on the market today.

Pop Tops:

Not all Pop Tops are created equal. Make sure you look for ones that are made from recyclable food-grade polypropylene; they are recyclable and BPA-free. All sustainable Pop Tops will have a recycle symbol on it somewhere, typically the bottom.

Paper boxes:

Just like pop tops, not all boxes are created equal, either. Keep an eye out for boxes that are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Anything made with thick 300gsm paper cardboard is great because it’s lightweight, yet sturdy and sustainable.

Because your packaging is the first thing customers see when they try your product, it’s a vital part of your sustainability messaging. When possible, choose sustainable products and be sure to include them on your label. It’s an extension of your brand, ethics, and values. It’s how the consumer will remember your product.

We at Cannaline aim to help businesses transition to eco-friendly packaging; our sustainable packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as options for customizations! Call us at 301-356-9096 to customize your new eco-friendly packaging.


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