Top Cannabis Flower Packaging Options

Top Cannabis Flower Packaging Options In Today’s Market

The cannabis industry is on the rise and rising FAST. With the newest states being New Jersey, Montana, Arizona, Mississippi, and South Dakota, all voting to legalize some form of cannabis usage in November 2020. As new markets open up, sales are picking up, and new suppliers are popping up everywhere.

With the growth in both supply and demand, the need for packaging is at an all-time high. Picking the proper packaging for your product is the difference between succeeding and tanking in the industry. Packaging allows you to attract new customers and retain previous ones.

Branding and packaging go hand in hand in the cannabis industry.

4 Key Elements of Effective Cannabis Flower Packaging

On a dispensary shelf, what makes one brand of flower sell better than any other?

There are four proven elements for adequate cannabis flower packaging.

1) Transparency

Customers like to see the plant itself. Whether it is the entire package or just a small gap, effective packaging needs to provide a window that allows them to see the product visually.

2) Protection

When customers peruse the shelves, they are looking for cannabis flower that is at its peak. Each strain is unique, and without proper airtight packaging, scents, flavors, and fairness are at stake. Protect your product from excessive sunlight and moisture less to maintain its freshness and integrity.

3) Ability to Be Resealed

While airtight is essential, the best cannabis flower packages are resealable. Customers want to rely on the original packaging while they work through their stash. Customers don’t like flower to fall out of the bag or deteriorate in quality after it is first opened.

4) Safety

While child-resistant packaging isn’t a requirement everywhere, the best brands incorporate it. Customers with children in their homes lean on child-resistant flower packaging to ensure children aren’t getting into their stash. Legal requirements for labels are something each state mandates. Having the proper stickers and disclaimers provides a sense of confidence for consumers.

Now that we know what elements our cannabis packaging needs, let’s look at various packaging types for cannabis leaves and flowers.

Top 3 Packaging Types For Flower

Here are some of the most popular ways cannabis businesses can package their flower and stand out on the shelf.

1) Glass Jars 

Glass packaging is an aesthetically pleasing option for flower. Glass is transparent and can be made opaque with a frosted or painted for areas of the country that require such a look. Additionally, glass cannabis flower jars can allow for a tight seal and can be child-resistant. While glass is recyclable, it is also biodegradable, making it a very environmentally safe option for flower.

Want a child-resistant glass jar AND have it airtight?

Check out the perfect solution here.

2) Pop Tops

Pop Tops are plastic tubes or vials that can be used for flower, joints, edibles, and small amounts of concentrates. They are extremely versatile and easy to store, making them a great way to have cannabis flower on the go. These often solid-colored plastic tubes can be child-resistant and can be customized to be any color. The surface area is long and thin, but there is plenty of room for proper labeling with custom printing or a sticker.

3) Smell Proof Mylar Bags

Smell proof mylar bags are the most common packaging choice for cannabis flower. Coming in various sizes and colors, many mylar bags have a window to see the product and can be child-resistant as well as resealable. Labeling with regulation disclaimers is also quite easy with mylar bags, as they have a good surface area for custom printing.

Effective, reliable packaging tells your customer you are a safe, legal & fresh product. Branding your packaging to share your story will draw customers in. Balancing the aesthetics with quality and features is the ultimate key to success.

Choose whether smell proof mylar bags, glass jars, or pop tops check all the boxes you need to ensure your product flies off the shelves.

Partnering with the right custom packaging supplier is essential. Opt for a supplier that can get you quality pop tops. Contact Cannaline today to get started on your packaging project.

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