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What is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a strong, unrefined cannabis oil produced using ethanol. Rick Simpson says that a blend of cannabis oil treated his own skin cancer. Since then, he has promoted the benefits of medical marijuana.

How was Rick Simpson Oil created?

In 2003, Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer after 3 suspicious spots showed up on his arm. Simpson, worried about his health started to do some research on alternative medicines and found a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute where scientists were successfully able to kill cancer cells in mice using only THC. Amazing, right? With this newfound knowledge and having used cannabis to address his other medical conditions in the past, Simpson created a cannabis oil extract of his own and applied it topically to his suspicious spots, and then covered the malignant regions with a bandage.

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Within days the cancerous growths vanished as if they were never there! Simpson quickly became a firm believer in the medical qualities of cannabis and spread the word about his cannabis oil, which was eventually named RSO or Rick Simpson Oil, despite his physician’s refusal to recognize it as a therapy option.

Simpson then began producing his own cannabis in order to create a unique oil blend. He went out to publicize the medical properties of cannabis to others after the Canadian Cancer Society rejected his discovery. He produced “Run From the Cure,” a YouTube documentary, and wrote a book “The Rick Simpson Story“.

Since his discovery, it’s been sought after by patients and casual consumers alike looking for a product that involves no heat and no devices to consume. RSO was originally created to be used as a topical. Today, patients use RSO in a variety of ways.

The most straightforward way to use RSO is to ingest it directly. Uncap the syringe and place a small amount in your favorite drink, food, or directly into your mouth. While it’s being eaten, RSO often ends up making its way into your system bi-physically, or in two ways: first through your mouth membranes sublingually, and second through your digestive system.


How to Use

In sublingual consumption, the compounds bypass digestion and enter your bloodstream faster, taking effect almost immediately. Any RSO left in your mouth that’s swallowed, or RSO that’s placed in food, is digested before the Phyto-cannabinoids enter the bloodstream and get to work.

RSO can also be used topically, by being applied directly to the skin like a topical cream. Just place a dab of oil on any trouble spots and cover it with a bandage so it stays in place.

Since RSO can be very strong, a good starting dose since it’s so strong is a small drop of oil about half the size of a grain of rice, taken at most 3 times a day. As your body slowly builds a tolerance to THC, you should up the dosage accordingly. Since RSO is loaded with THC, taking too much can result in experiencing anxiety and paranoia, although the most common side effects are sleepiness and drowsiness.

Due to the lack of research on RSO, experts are reserved in saying its benefits. However, RSO has been said to have benefits that include but are not limited to treating arthritis, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, and a variety of other major diseases. Without question, trusting a reputable dispensary for RSO oil is the best plan of action.


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