Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Custom Packaging!

Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Custom Packaging

As a business owner, you make countless decisions every day in hopes of generating more success, especially with the booming cannabis industry.

Luckily, when it comes to custom packaging, the choice is simple.

Investing in customized packaging for your cannabis business is essential. There are countless ways it can benefit your business. Let’s review the top 4 ways custom cannabis packaging can grow your business.

4 Ways Custom Cannabis Packaging Will Grow Your Business

1) Increased Brand Awareness

Branding starts with a name and gives your company an identity. It allows you to connect and communicate with your customers on an emotional level.

A well-known and robust brand gains respect and loyalty from its customers. As loyalty, respect, and trust rise, sales increase, and your company succeeds. 

When your packaging is a plain, inexpensive bag or box with a sticker, that becomes part of your identity. This can portray a sense of cutting corners to save costs. Customers may wonder if corners are being cut elsewhere.

Alternatively, professionally customized packaging can elevate your image and send a message that your brand and product are high quality.

2) Higher Sales

While a good product always wins, quality packaging directly affects your sales. Custom packaging brings your brand to life and grabs the attention of customers—People who are interested in purchasing the products or services.

Imagine your customer is looking for gummies. When presented with two options, a custom printed bag next to a simple bag with a white-label, printed with some text and an image. Which do you think you’ll gravitate towards? Which presents a sense of quality?

The custom printed packaging will outsell the alternative nearly every time. Your sales will increase, and with a good product, you’ll have a new repeat customer.

3)   Personalization

Quality cannabis packaging, printed with your colors and designs, brings your brand to life.

Introduce a personalized touch to your products and watch your sales increase. Speak to your customers to let them know your social media accounts and your company mission. Adding personality to your packaging is easy when working with a professional who can customize it to best showcase your brand.

Like brand awareness, personalization is all about connecting with your customer. You should utilize customized packaging to develop a long-term relationship with your customers best.

Lastly, with a full product line, having a company help design and print your customized packages will create a look of cohesion. Keeping a consistent tone and image throughout a breadth of products is essential to presenting a professional, a pleasing brand that consumers can depend on.

4)   Cost Savings

Yes, you read that right: buying custom made, high-quality packaging can save your money. In fact, it can save you lots of money.

While the upfront cost of custom packaging is typically higher, when you buy in bulk you save money per item and on storage. Additionally, when you rely on stickers to apply your branding to a generic package, you have to factor in time as an expense. Applying stickers, one by one is time consuming and could potentially lead to human error which means a label, and your package are wasted unless you put a poorly applied label on the shelf.

Additionally, if you order small amounts more often, rather than invest in a bulk supply, you spend even more time ordering. Frequent orders have another major expense associated with it: shipping. Shipping is a cost that can make or break a profit margin. Oftentimes, there is a price break at various quantities when ordering custom packaging. Ensuring you are being efficient with your shipping can be a major cost savings.

Professional Packaging Options

When you opt for a customized bag, you can work with a designer to create the look and feel of your brand. The sky’s the limit, especially when you use a company who has a full range of printing options.  If you have someone in house that has done the design, professional custom packaging companies can work with that too. No matter how you create your design, the best packaging companies can help bring your vision to life on your marijuana packaging.

Another major benefit to working with a professional is that they know and monitor all the regulatory requirements across varying states. When you get your new mylar bag for flower printed it can have your logo, your disclaimers, and symbols to ensure your product is legitimate and following all legislative requirements.

When choosing packaging for your cannabis products, working with a professional custom packaging company, you can promote your brand, increase your sales, and bring your brand to life all while saving money. There can be no doubt that custom cannabis packaging is the way to go.

Do you believe in your product? Do you think it is good enough to invest in quality, customize packaging for the long haul? Reach out to Cannaline today! We supply quality packaging and customize options that bring your brand to life and keep your sales growing.

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